One Bite at a Time

Last night my “Hubby” and I tried something new. (: It seemed like a good idea at the time; storing our Christmas tree in an air-tight storage bag, rather than our old method of using the original  bulky dusty beat-up box.  And there we were standing on the attic ladder shoving that wobbly monstrosity up through that tiny narrow opening. Who designed these attic entries anyway? It felt like squeezing an elephant through a rabbit hole. Finally, it was up there. All the while we were thinking: “How do other people do this? Did we rip this new awesome storage bag? There has to be a better Way. How will we get this sucker down next year?”

Post-attic event convo:

Hubby: “I’ve been thinking….next year we are unzipping that bag up there in the attic and taking that tree down piece-by-piece, one piece at a time, and we’ll just leave the bag up there.”

J-Hub: “Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant! And when we put that darn thing away again, we can simply lift each piece up there one at a time. Genius!”

And then it hit me; what a perfect analogy for life’s challenges. It reminds me of the times that I call my AA sponsor for help with an overwhelming issue and she asks: “How do you an eat an elephant?” and I repeat: “One bite at a time.”

Thanks Hubby and sponsor for the reminder as we enter 2017.

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